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If you are looking for a cost effective and quickly earned production or an ergonomic way of working, it is advisable to automate and optimize your process . The use of a robot can in this case be a recommended solution.


AVT Europe NV is through its years of experience in robotics and by close cooperation with KUKA a perfect partner to work with you to automate or robotize your production environment or factory. Whether you're looking for a handling robot, pick and place robot, palletizing robot or other automatic four-axis robot or 6-axis robot ... we have the knowledge to bring each project from A to Z to a successful conclusion.

We develop a customized robot system with all necessary hardware and software. Ranging from roller conveyors, pallet dispenser and robot gripper to HMI control, pattern generator as linking ERP or WMS software ...

Whether it's grabbing a pallet, grabbing boxes or stacking boxes, placing a workpiece, assembling parts or editing a product, we serve all sectors and industries.

AVT Europe is your system integrator for the engineering, production and programming of your automatic robot system.

Through years of experience in robotic systems and AGV transport systems, AVT Europe also developed an automated guided mobile robot or AGR.

Even if you are looking for a customized portal robot or a more simplified pick and place robot or XYZ robot, you've come to the right place!


Below youcanfindsome examples ofrobotinstallations which have already been delivered:

-Stacking ofbags
-Feederrobot orrobotinsertsforcardboard

 AVT Europe is since January 2016 Official KUKA System Partner.