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Production Assembly

The use of internal transport systems on air cushions, wheels or rails is omnipresent in the assembly industry. AVT Europe NV offers you a tailor made system according to your specific needs.

18 Aero-Pallets & 1 Traction Unit for Assembly Line

An air cushion platform moves in between different workstations during assembly phase. Each platform is equipped with no load wheels to ensure empty movement without hose connection. Once the load is positioned, the 6 air cushions will float the heavy load from point to point by a single operator.

Manufacturing Assembly

Sterile moveable tank

AVT Europe NV has recently delivered 2 identical transporters to a pharmaceutical group in Italy. These transporters on air-cushions with a lightweight frame has a maximum capacity of 4 ton and will be deployed in a clean room environment. The application consists to exchange the position of various mixing tanks.


  • Frame entirely made out of stainless steel 316L
  • Different SS components executed in easy to clean parts
  • Traction wheels activated by compressed air 
  • 4 neoprene air cushions with SS plate
  • Easy operation
  • Simple maintenance compartments


  • Integrated hose reel
  • Integrated level controll
  • Rearview mirrors
Manufacturing Assembly
Manufacturing Assembly
Manufacturing Assembly

Assembly line for lift trucks

These air cushion transporters maximize the floor space without restricting the assembly flow to a fixed path.

Manufacturing Assembly
Manufacturing Assembly

Assembly line in EX zone

These transporters on air cushions pick up load on pallets up to 3,5 ton in an EX environment. The transporters are guided in a  rail on the ceiling, which provide a ground connection for conducting static electricity.

The pressurized air for the air casters and the air motor is also provided by a pneumatic system on the ceiling. A control unit on the arm features all necessary controls for easy driving and manoeuvring. The empty transporter is easily moved on it’s no-load wheels without much effort.

Manufacturing Assembly

Manufacturing assembly line for compressors

Low push load required, approximately 1 lb. of force per 1.000 lbs of weight. The independent movement eliminates first-in, first-out requirements.

air cushions enable omnidirectional movement
no limit to load size, weight or range of movement

More examples of manufacturing assembly applications

Manufacturing Assembly
Manufacturing Assembly
Manufacturing Assembly
Manufacturing Assembly
6 ton robot being moved with air cushion system