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Power, Energy, Nuclear

The use of air cushion technology has proved it's success in this industry when moving transformers, transmission gears, feedwater heaters, turbines, collants pumps or other delicate or cumbersome heavy equipment.

Below some examples:

Transformer transporter

This pallet transporter on air bearings, used by several of our costumers worldwide, moves transformers by a remote control. Loads of more than 500 tons are hereby no exception. The air cushions enable precise positioning of these heavy loads without floor damage compared to other traditional material handling equipment methods.

Pallet transporter moving transformers on air cushions
Low profile pallet transporter for transformers
27T Choke air cushion transporter

Nuclear transport

A Nuclear transport can be generally characterized by the shock-free movement of the load as well as the strict requirements related to the industry (ATEX, EX,...) This aircushion transporter or air film transporter enables fully pneumatic radioactive loaded waste to be transported in a safe (read explosion free) way from production to storage area. In addition the air film transporter provided significant savings in downtime and manpower.

Air cushion transporter for nuclear waste

AVT Europe transporter on air cushions being used in test facility for uranium enrichment industry:

And also:

transformer transporter on air cushions
AVT Europe moves heavy transformers on air cushions
air cushion transport of transformers
Use of standard air cushion system in nuclear power plant