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Steel and Cable Industry

A wheel transporter for the end costumer in Saudi Arabia transports and rotates easily cable drums up to 50.000kg. The forks can be opened and closed by means of hydraulics. A second identical wheel transporter has already been delivered to the same costumer.

moving cable drums

This 50T cable drum wheel transporter features swivelling high capacity wheels on each front side and 2 driving rollers at the front.  At the back of the transporter there are 2 lifting rollers. The cable transporter is controlled via radio remote system.

50T cable drum transporter on wheels

And many other examples:

3,5T reel transporter on air cushions
50T reel transporter on air cushions
36T AGV coil transporter on air cushions
55T rail turntable with 4,7m diameter
20T air cushion transporter for stainless steel coils