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Industrial Movement

Movement and Transfer of Machinery

Do you want to replace heavy machinery or move a production line? Entrust this complex task to AVT. We provide the whole movement for you, both inside your existing company as from a different location.

This includes:

  • Disassembly on the place where we purchased this machine, or where you purchased it yourself.
  • Everything is professionally measured, noted and then disassembled
  • Manipulation of equipment: lifting and moving heavy pieces with professional equipments, including our air cushions.
  • Transport
  • Assembly on the place where you want to put the machine.
  • Mechanical assembly as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and electric assembly
  • Wired, whether it’s updated with new components or not (new lifts, cables, distribution boxes, etc.)
  • Connecting all components and i/o test
  • Start up of the machine
  • Integration into your existing line, linked to the existing system is possible.

Industrial transfers are usually time-consuming and complicated. Small or large business, internal and external transfer and the associated coordination is very intensive and takes more time than you bargained for. The better your company prepares and understands the accommodation process, the greater the chances of success. However, there are many questions on your path that have nothing to do with your core activities.

A relocation doesn’t annually take place in any organization. Therefore, within each organization, there is a lack of actual knowledge of relocation management. In this case it can become a time-and money-consuming affair. We want to be your partner in this project.

Internal transport can be carried out in different ways. The use of air cushions or air cushion transport systems within your company will certainly bring many benefits. AVT Europe also rents airbag systems with operator for moving heavy loads in your company.

Industrial movement
Industrial movement
Industrial movement
Industrial movement
Industrial movement