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About AVT Europe NV

AVT Europe NV is a close team of about 100 technically trained people ready at the daily servies of our clients.

The seat and also current location is situated in the north of Antwerp (Essen). AVT Europe NV has developed a very flexible way of working, literally tailor made according to the costumer's needs, by executing projects for small local enterprises as for large wordwide multinationals.

AVT Europe NV tries with a flat corporate structure to further assist its clients in an efficient and flexible manner. Since June 2018, AVT Europe became part of the Vinci Energies network. The network structure of VINCI Energies will enable AVT to accelerate growth ambitions both in Belgium and abroad.

As Vinci Energies handles a decentralized policy, AVT Europe will continue to operate as an independent business unit with a flexible and customer orientated approach.

The current management team exists of:

Luc VAN THILLO, managing director AVT & Cluster Manager Vinci Energies. 

Maarten VAN LOOVEREN, managing director AVT & Business Unit Manager Vinci Energies.

From past to present...

In 2001 Luc Van Thillo founded AVT, or literally Automation Van Thillo. The company, with industrial automation as core activity, was located in Essen in the North of Antwerp.


The company grew significantly and small projects became larger projects. Extra manpower was needed and the first employee was hired.

To secure growth in the Dutch market, a new branch at Roosendaal (The Netherlands) was set up. Furthermore, due to a constant increase in projects and customers, the current location became too small. AVT moves to larger premises. 

An important milestone in the company’s history is the acquistion of ITS AeroGo Europe. This company was specialized in the production of hightech internal transportsystems for heavy load handling. 

The acquisition of ITS AeroGo Europe led to an increase in activities. Again, the search for larger business premises was initiated. In 2011 the management of AVT saw an opportunity in taking over A²BT, a company specialized in robotics for the cardboard industry.  

ITS AeroGo Europe was renamed to AVT Europe. 

In order to respond the increasing demand from China, a sales office was opened in Beijing.

In cooperation with a German partner, the joint venture AVT Germany was founded. Moreover, AVT Europe NV took over the company Armelec NV along with its staff, suppliers and customers. Armelec NV operates as a sister company of AVT Europe and specializes in everything that encompasses industrial electrical works such as the design, installation and commissioning of medium voltage cubicles or high voltage units and the installation and maintenance of electricity in large companies. In 2016 the company was renamed to EVT

The amount of projects kept on increasing. Another expansion of the business premises was needed. The existing premises were expanded by the construction of new offices and a new assembly & test hall. 

In 2017 AVT Europe acquired Contromon Solutions. This company was specialized in measurement and analysis tools for industrial processes. Besides the acquisition of Contromon Solutions, a sales office in France opened. The sales office is located in the North of France and was opened in order to optimize the service for our French customers. 

Since June 2018 AVT Europe became part of the network of Vinci Energies. The network structure of VINCI Energies will enable AVT to accelerate growth ambitions both in Belgium and abroad. AVT Europe will continue to operate as an independent business unit with a flexible and customer-oriented approach.

The AVT group has grown significantly since the foundation in 2001. The ambition to continue this growth trend remains strong. In 2019 AVT Europe will further internationalize by establishing a new branch office in the USA. 

"Vision, ambition, objectives 2019":


About us

AVT Europe NV

AVT Europe NV è un team affiatato di circa 100 collaboratori ben preparati e pronti al servizio quotidiano dei nostri clienti.

La sede e anche la posizione attuale si trova a nord di Anversa (Essen), Belgio. AVT Europe NV ha sviluppato un modo di lavorare molto flessibile, letteralmente su misura in base alle esigenze del cliente, realizzando progetti per piccole imprese locali come per grandi multinazionali a livello mondiale.