AVT Europe NV

AVT Europe NV is a strong team of approximately 75 technically trained people who are ready to support the customers every day.

The head office is located in the north of Antwerp (Essen). By working for both small, local SMEs and large multinationals worldwide, AVT Europe NV has developed a very flexible way of working that can literally be called ‘tailored to the customer’.

AVT Europe NV tries to help its customers in an efficient and flexible way with a flat company structure. As part of the VINCI Energies network, AVT Europe NV can also count on the support of sister brands Actemium and Axians. This broad expertise makes it possible to tackle complete turnkey projects. Moreover, the international Actemium network makes it possible to offer service all over the world with local colleagues.



In 2001 Luc Van Thillo decided to found AVT, or ‘Automatiseringen Van Thillo’ in full. The company, whose core business is industrial automation, was established in Essen, north of Antwerp.



From small projects to large projects and in 2003 the time was right to hire the first employee.




An important milestone in AVT’s history is the acquisition of ITS AeroGo Europe. ITS AeroGo Europe specialized in the production of internal transport systems to move heavy loads for industry.




AVT turns its gaze abroad and opens a service point in Germany and later in France.


Since June 2018, the AVT group has been included in the VINCI Energies network. This network has a decentralized policy and will be able to offer AVT Europe NV greater support in building the company’s international business.


Safety in project execution

The care for Q-HSE is entirely integrated in our Project & Service Life Cycle. At the start of our projects and missions we set up a quality, safety and health plan with you, in order to guarantee optimal project results right from the start.

We comply with the highest Q-HSE standards and are certified in accordance with the ISO9001-quality standard and the ISO45001-safety standard.


ISO9001 is the internationally accepted standard for quality management systems. It proves that we are, in a consistent way, capable of delivering products and services that meet the requirements of our customers and of the applicable regulations & legislation. And that our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction by efficiently applying this system, including processes for continuous improvement of the system.

Download our ISO 9001 certificates here.


ISO45001 is currently the worldwide recognized standard for a safety management system. By obtaining this certificate, we confirm that we want to distinguish ourselves as an organization on safety and health, and want to continue to be a pioneer in managing (HSE) risks and in creating a safe working environment.

Download our ISO 45001 certificates here.