EAS Change Systems

The transition from good to best. Created by AVT Europe NV and EAS. For years now, this succesful partnership provides customers with satisfactory customized solutions. Customization where cost savings and maximum machine productivity are thought of proactively. Through their close cooperation, AVT Europe NV & EAS succeed to achieve the highest possible efficiency for each application.

EAS change systems is a worldwide recognized expert in automation solutions for accelerating mold and stamp changes. In addition to this technology of Quick Mold Change [QMC] and Quick Die Change [QDC] EAS also has clutch systems in the range. Perfect for applications such as the plastics and metal processing companies in the automotive, chemical and medical industries.

EAS, as a practical organization, interacts quickly to respond creatively to the customer’s wishes. With a down-to-earth approach identical to that of partner AVT Europe NV. This results in a practical total solution, which accelerates the production in a safe manner. With precision chucking, exchange and transport. Every step in the process is made clear and insightful. An improvement in efficiency that can be achieved by combining the extensive knowledge of EAS with the expertise of AVT Europe NV.

In cooperation with AVT Europe NV, EAS systems offers fully customized turn-key projects. For years, with success and to complete satisfaction. From the rough steel structure to the programmed PLC control, we deliver projects “turn key” to our customers. All automation solutions are offered with cost savings and maximum machine productivity as a goal.

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