Steel and cables

Over the years AVT Europe NV has built up great expertise in the steel and cable industry.

Both our Transport Solutions and Automation & Robotics departments are at ease with handling heavy materials in a challenging environment.

Specific challenges in the steel industry for which AVT Europe NV has a solution:

  • Handling of heavy materials
  • Transport of heavy materials
  • Moving large reels
  • Quality assurance


Steel and cables


Construction of a customized transport system for transporting the cable reels up to a maximum weight of 60 tons.

Steel and cables


A solution for the internal transport of lead blocks of 5 tons thanks to our Shifter.

Steel and cables


A gantry robotsystem with mechanical gripper to handle packages of sheets up to 3,000kg.

Steel and cables


Robot plant for automatic sampling on 500kg sheets of recycled copper.

Steel and cables


Design of a customized cable transporter for reels up to 3,500kg.