Paper and cardboard

Over the years AVT Europe NV has built up great expertise in the paper and cardboard industry.

Our Automation & Robotics department is familiar with the handling of both solid board and corrugated board, and has developed product-specific solutions for inserting, bundling, pressing, strapping, forming and palletizing.

The high speeds, diversity of sizes and continuous renewal of formats is specific to this sector and constitutes one of the greatest challenges. Thanks to the AVT high speed in line forming table in combination with a user friendly pattern generator and stacking robot, speeds higher than 750 parcels per hour can be effortlessly processed.

Still not fast enough? For this AVT Europe NV has developed the layer gripper, complete layers are preformed and then palletised with the robot. One robot can process up to 3 production lines simultaneously.

Reference projects

Custom installations have already been built for various customers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, Germany and Norway.