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After Sales

AVT Europe NV delivers besides Maintenance and inspections on existing machines also service on site on the already delivered machines to suit the needs of the customer. This after sales service is carried out by our own people as well at home as abroad.

For new installations, we always suggest to set up a VPN connection with our machine in order to ensure an optimal service. For more information we will gladly contact you!

Accessories Air Cushion Systems

Control Console

With the control console or teh control box the air supply to the air bearing (Aero-Casters®) is regulated. The 4-box serves 4 aircushions , the 6-box serves 6 aircushions and the economy box is used for the smaller Aero-Casters® up to 15". AeroGo’s fixed mount Control Console is available for applications which require AeroGo equipment to be permanently attached to a load.

After sales

Storage Cart

Storage carts provide an easy and secure method for storing and transporting AeroGo’s Load Module Systems™. Heavy Duty storage carts are equipped with large heavy duty caster wheels and a hose reel for ease of handling a supply hose.

After sales

Hose Reel with Supply Hose

AeroGo offers an extensive selection of manual, spring and power assisted hose reels.

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Safety Fuse

Designed for use with air supply hoses, the safety fuse prevents potentially dangerous hose whips and possible operator injury should the hose accidentally become disconnected, severed or broken.

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Slide Mount

The Aero-Caster® slide mount provides an easy method to remove the air cushion for inspection or repair, while loaded or unloaded.

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Water Caster

Water Casters use water instead of air cushions in order to supply the bearings with sufficient pressure. Water Casters are being used for extremely heavy applications when water flooding the floors is not a problem such as dry docks and shipbuilding and when applications for water evacuation and recuperation are being anticipated such as caisson building up to 5200 tons or stadium gallery moves. The supply of water in case of large quantities is easier and more cost efficient with standard water pumps.

After sales

Air Drive

The Air Drive is a steerable air-motor powered drive for moving and positioning heavier loads. Three models available with rated drawbar pull ranging from 300 kg to 980 kg. The Air Drive can be mounted in a permanent way to the load structure or it can be uncoupled.

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Guide Wheel

Need a bit more directional control for your air caster or air bearing products on uneven, slight slopes or when tight positioning is crucial? AeroGo Guide Wheels provide added directional guidance for our air floats and bearings.

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