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Move on air-cushions of a 200 ton ship from the workplace to the ship-lift.

no need for cranes, rails or rollers; only air cushions
air cushions float heavy loads frictionlessly
precise movement and positioning on air-cushions

Positioning a 200 ton azipod under an ocean liner by standard Load Module air cushion systems.

200T being moved on air cushions in dry dock
air cushions allow for precise positioning
air cushion allows small insertion space
This 20 ton transporter on Aero-Caster air cushions has 2 sets of 2 differential drives integrated for accurate and easy positioning of ship parts to be welded. The ship part is placed on the aerotransporter frame, which is being lifted hydraulically. Thanks to the combination of hydraulic lifting and pneumatic moving, the air cushion transporter has all possible degrees of freedom to allow perfect positioning.
20T air cushion transporter
use of air cushions in dry dock
20T air cushion transporter