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Railway industry


In the past AVT Europe delivered many transport systems to the railway industry, whether for train, tram, bus or TGV

Below some recent projects:

Multi-functional Shifter Transporter for Train Carriage

AVT Europe has recently delivered a set of 2x25T dual wheel transporters for train carriages in the carriage plant of a Railway customer in China. The tandem transporter or Shifter, very compact and simple, has triple swivel wheels comparable to air casters. It is equipped with synchronized mechanical lifting with tollerances <1mm  and pneumatic suspensions enabling to cross rails with 60mm gap and steps of 8mm. Discover more about this innovative transport solution on the dedicated Shifter website. 

2x25T Dual transporter for train carriage

Automatic bogie transfer system

Both 8,5T AGV’s are installed in a workshop area to pick up and deliver bogie frames for CRH3 and CRH5 high speed train. The AGV on wheels is equipped with different feature for automatic transfer of bogie frames in between cranes and work stations. The transport systems are able to be operated in automatic, semi-automatic and manual mode.

automatic transfer between workshop repair & assembly stations

Push pull device for train and tram bogie frames

This 4,5T push pull device moves bogies in the workshop. A rubber bumper over the front side of the system gets directly in contact with the bogie and allows to push it frontwards. Again on the front side the construction enables to attach chains to easily pull the bogie. It is operated by remote control so that the operator can stand at a safe distance and keeping an overview of the surroundings while driving the push pull device. Max speed is 30m/min. Max pulling force is 500kg.

pushing the boogie
pulling the boogie
positioning underneath the wagon

Axis switch vehicle

This 45T axis / wheel set switch vehicle is in use by the Belgian railways as tool to easily mount/demount the axes. Using air cushions or air skates the technicians can position the car under the rails. The system removes the rails and with the aid of a lifting table the shafts (bogies) can be demounted.

Axis switch vehicle for railway industry
Axis switch vehicle for railway industry

Electric transporter for 60T diesel engine

AVT Europe delivered 2 sets omnidirectional electric wheel transportes to move 60T diesel engines in diesel engine assembly and testing plant of railway customer in China

Wheel transporter for 60T diesel engine

Twin wheel transporter for railway carriage

An Italian train manufacturer uses this twin transporter to pick up and move train parts op to 35 ton. The train parts are mounted on pallets. These transport systems can be used in "single" mode as well as in "tandem" mode to overcome the variable lengths of the train vehicles, resulting in a very wide operating range with enhanced easy manoeuvering.

35T Twin transporter
Twin transporter on wheels

Mobile Lift tables for train chassis

3T Mobile lifting and positioning table for train chassis
lifting table on air cushions
lifting table on air cushions

Aero-Pallet transporter

This aero-pallet transporter on air cushions moves busses up to 3,2T for maintenance purposes. It features an integrated lifting device capable of tilting loads up to 2000 kg in all directions with a max. of 4° .


pallet transporter on air cushions
Pallet featuring integrated lifting device