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AVT Europe NV has a broad range of costumers in the aerospace industry. Some references are: Aermacchi, Agusta, Aircelle, Alenia Aerospazio, Airbus, Astrium, Avio, BAE Systems, Bell Helicopters, Boeing Information - Space & Defense, Bombardier, EADS, ESA, European Southern Observatory, GE Aircraft Engines, General Dynamics, Hyundai Heavy Industries, Learjet Inc, Lockhead Martin, Lufthansa, McDonnell Douglas, Morton Thiokol, NASA, Northrop Grumman, Rheinmetall, Safran Group, SEP, Sermati, Sikorsky, etc.

We engineered and delivered many tailor made machines like:

  • air cushion transporters or air film transporters
  • AGV's or automated guided vehicles
  • autoclave transporters
  • rocket transporters
  • airplane transporters
  • mobile work platforms, etc 
Positioning of aircraft motor on air cushions
13T autoclave transporter for Airbus A380
25T satellite assembly air cushion transporter
181T mobile working platforms on air-cushions
130T air cushion AGV for P80 engine, first stage of Vega
200T air cushion transporter moves rocket boosters Ariane 5
150T Ariane 5 solid rocket motor on air cushions
150T transporter booster for Vega rocket
55T aerotransporter moves rail cars with autoclave moulds

Aero-Plank transporter to lift and move trolley with air plane motor

These 2x 4T Aero-Planks on air cushions lift and move a trolley with a plane motor on top. The max lift of 120mm is obtained by the 2 pneumatic lifting tables (1 on each plank). The entire aero-plank transporter is operated by the control panel on top of the master hendle.

The customer is a manufacturer of motors for the aerospace industry.

2x 4T Aero-Plank on air cushions lifting and moving trolley + air plane

More on AVT projects for aerospace:

AVT Europe 150T air cushion transporter transfers Vega booster into ESA launch assembly:

AVT air cushion transporter moves first ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle) with cargo on board for the ISS (International Space Station):