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Plastic stamping industry

AVT Europe NV works out fully customised projects in cooperation with the company EAS changesystems from the Netherlands. From the raw steel structure to the programmed PLC control, we deliver turnkeyn projects to our customers.

These are initially 3D models created of the required setups. These 3D drawings are being produced in our workshop after the costumer's approval. Once the system is ready it will be commissioned on our customer's site.

Plastic Stamping

Self driving transport platform 63 Ton

AVT Europe NV delivers 2 identical systems to a German worldwide player active in the automotive industry. These wheel transporters are being used as internal transport system to move 63T dies.



  • tailor made frame
  • upper side executed in teak wood
  • 4 heavy duty swivel wheels
  • 2 rotating drive wheels
  • possibility to drive in all directions without extra curve (X, Y, around centre,...)
  • radio remote control
  • double battery package
  • easily reachable compartments for maintenance purposes
  • extra's: area monitoring whereby the system can not enter in certain area's
63T wheel transporter for mould transport63T wheel transporter for mould transport

Mold changer (QMC) on rails  2 x 40 ton

Plastic Stamping
Plastic Stamping

Mold change table between 2 injection machines

Plastic Stamping
Plastic Stamping

50 ton die changer (QDC) on wheels with air cushion positioning

tool changer
Plastic Stamping

More examples in the plastic stamping industry:

50T wheel pallet transporter to move and stock dies
50T wheel pallet transporter to move and stock dies
Inspection unit
Rotator / Turning unit for molds and dies